My Education

  • I studied regulatory governance under Ed Balleisen, in the Kenan Center of Ethics. 

Duke University 

Post-Doctorate, Regulatory Governance

Bioethics/social Responsibility

Jennifer Miller phd

  • I studied institutional corruption and ethics in the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, under the direction of Larry Lessig.
  • I piloted the Good Pharma Scorecard as a tool to address the ethics and trustworthiness of pharmaceutical companies.
  • My research focused on responsible clinical trial design, transparency and dissemination as well as conflicts of interest and the accessibility of medicines and vaccines globally.

FORDHAM Graduate School of business

Graduate Fellowship, Business Ethics

  • My dissertation developed accountability metrics for responsible drug research and development, marketing integrity, and just access to medicines.

harvard University

Post-Doctorate, Ethics

FORDHAM university

Bachelor of Science, Physics

Regina Apostolorum pontifical university

Doctorate, Bioethics